We take listening to classical music to a whole new level using the best technology to produce a high quality recording, in whichever format it may come, in whichever format it may be released. We take pride in our work of providing an impeccable way of experiencing classical music.

It all started with a revolutionary vision that the 5-channel surround sound will gradually replace today's stereo sound. In the beginning of year 2000 it was unheard of. Yet here we are now, more than a decade later, with PENTATONE continuously realizing the vision, by pushing boundaries to produce highest quality recordings in the 5-channel surround sound.

PENTATONE launches approximately 30 albums per year and releases all its recordings on hybrid Super Audio CD (SA-CD). This is a CD with two layers. The first layer carries the traditional CD signal and the second layer the surround sound signal. PENTATONE has licensed (from the Decca Music Group) the quadraphonic recordings which were made in the seventies by Philips Classics. The quadro system was not successful because of flaws in the playback equipment. However today’s SA-CD equipment is capable of reproducing these recordings the way they were originally intended. Polyhymnia has remastered these recordings for release on SACD. This series is called 'RQR'.

Consumers who buy hybrid SA-CDs and do not yet have a player with the SA-CD-feature can play them on their traditional CD-players and can already start building a catalogue in the new format before they have purchased a SA-CD or combi-player. A combi-player is a player which is capable of playing DVD-video, Super Audio CD as well as traditional CD. Explore our catalog: www.pentatonemusic.com/catalog