We take listening to classical music to a whole new level using the best technology to produce a high quality recording, in whichever format it may come, in whichever format it may be released. We take pride in our work of providing an impeccable way of experiencing classical music.

PENTATONE was founded with the vision that the 5-channel surround sound will gradually replace today's stereo sound. In the last two decades, the label has built out one of the world's largest collections of high resolution audio, releasing albums on Hybrid Super Audio CDs and in hi-res digital formats.

PENTATONE launches approximately 30-40 albums per year and aims to make recordings available in the highest possible audio resolutions. After having physically released on SACD exclusively in the past, the label now diversifies between standard CD and hybrid SACD formats for physical releases. Digitally, PENTATONE continues to explore new developments in hi-res audio, now offering releases in resolutions higher than DSD 64 when possible, thereby surpassing the maximum sound quality realisable on Hybrid SACDs.