Gabriella Smith

  1. 1) bare


David Sanford

  1. 2) Suolo


David T. Little

  1. 3) The Crocus Palimpsest


Nkeiru Okoye

  1. 4) Euba's Dance


Jorge Sosa

  1. 5) Reimagined Spring


inti figgis-vizueta

  1. 6) The motion between three worlds


Vijay Iyer

  1. 7) Equal night


Luna Pearl Woolf

  1. 8) Diaphanous Grace


Roberto Sierra

  1. 9) Chloris & Zephyrus


Asher Sizemore

  1. 10) Six Graces


Tod Machover

  1. 11) Sorta Voce


Jake Heggie

  1. 12) Spring Forward


Laura Elise Schwendinger

  1. 13) Fluorescenza


Lisa Bielawa

  1. 14) Missa Primavera


CD information

PRIMAVERA I the wind is the first collection in a momentous series encompassing 81 world premieres for solo cello. This digital album presents 14 new commissions by The Primavera Project for groundbreaking, multi-Grammy nominated cellist Matt Haimovitz. Each composer responds to Sandro Botticelli’s enigmatic painting, Primavera, and the prophetic large-scale triptych, Primavera 2020, by world-renowned contemporary artist Charline von Heyl.

Framed by Gabriella Smith’s bare, a moving chorale to environmental turmoil and Lisa Bielawa’s Missa Primavera, a hopeful fantasy on Josquin des Pres’ cantus firmi, Vijay Iyer, David Sanford, Nkeiru Okoye, Jorge Sosa, and others bring a multitude of influences from the world of Jazz and Latin music, to Vivaldi and Scriabin.

Recorded in January 2021 at Charline von Heyl’s artist studio near downtown Marfa, Texas, the distinct and diverse contemporary compositional voices bridge the centuries, expanding and redefining the range and repertoire of the solo cello. For more information on the project, composers and their works, please visit

This is a digital-only album, not available as a physical product.

Available digitally to download & stream! Click here