Monday 20 April 2020

The Guardian reviews Bach Cello Suites

"The exceptional cellist’s music emerges with sunlit clarity in a recording that stands up with the best."


''Bach Cello Suites", performed by the Alisa Weilerstein has been reviewed on The Guardian! Read a glimpse of the review below!


"[...] put Weilerstein next to most of her colleagues in these suites (competitors would be the wrong word – Bach doesn’t encourage competition) and she would win for sheer resonance of tone and length of line.[...] The recorded sound is ideal – warm but not too echoey, leaving a faint aura around each note.[...] Yet what seems to drive the music more strongly is the sense of each suite having a public and a private side to its personality, with those faster movements looking outward and the slower ones having an intense inward focus."


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Erica Jeal

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Photo by Marco Borggreve