Wednesday 1 August 2018

Gramophone reviews Prologue

"For this imaginative and beautifully delivered record, Enrico Onofri and Francesca Aspromonte have assembled an intriguing sequence of prologues..."


The Gramophone praises our release of "Prologue" with Francesca Aspromonte, Enrico Onofri, and il pomo d'oro! Read a glimpse of the review below!


Aspromonte brings an impressive range of vocal colour to the task, on full display at moments such as the highly dramatic reading of the opening strophe of the prologue to Cesti’s L’Argia. While the bright and silvery tones of her upper register are prominent features, there is also much expressive use of darker and warmer tones in these fluid and flexible accounts, packed with sensitive detail, and alive to the essential unity of words, music and meaning.


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Iain Fenlon


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Photo by Nicola Dal Maso