Monday 16 January 2017

Rachmaninoff/ Prokofiev has been awarded a Diapason D'Or

"We have become used to the excellence of the discs of this cultivated musician (Johannes Moser), but he finds here a partner on his level, another notoriously gifted individual with a boiling brain: Andrei Korobeinikov... The result is of a rare quality: we hope to see them again soon in other repertoires."


We are proud to share with you that our release of Rachmaninoff & Prokofiev - Works for Cello and Piano performed by cellist Johannes Moser and pianist Andrei Korobeinikov has been awarded A DIAPASON d'OR for January 2017! In this album contains the achingly beautiful, haunting lyricism of early Rachmaninov and the soaring effusiveness of late Prokofiev are glowingly brought to life.

[Check out the album here:]



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