Monday 2 February 2015

An Introduction from Carlos Kalmar

We are proud to share a few lines written by the conductor Carlos Kalmar about the new release "Spirit of the American Range" recorded with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra:

I believe that we have managed to make a recording of high quality that is a wonderful reflection on what the title of the CD implies: The American Range is an idea that has something to do with vastness and variety. I beieve that the music included shows very different of what American music in the 20th century can show us. There is the contrapunctual mastery of Piston, there is the outrageous cariness of Antheil, and there is the idiomatic singularity of Copland. The musicians and I enjoyed working on the CD. It is such an example of what an American orchestra can do with their own music. Brilliance, sound quality, excellent rhythm are the tools we offer. For me personally this CD is another example of my admiration towards American composers, and it is a great addition to the other two CD's that we have already done with PENTATONE.

Carlos Kalmar

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