“It was Pamina! That was the role that won me over so thoroughly to opera!” In an interview from the Rising Stars series in 2014, the American soprano Melody Moore talked frankly and openly about the beginnings of her career, her scholarship at the San Francisco Opera, and also about her artistic work with the great Carol Vaness. Less than three years later, Moore has outgrown by far the status of a “rising star.” Nowadays, she sings the leading soprano spinto roles, most notably at the major opera-houses in the United States. The critics are simply enchanted by her “vulnerability” and moved by her “rich and gentle tone.”

Back in 2012, Melody Moore proved her mettle stepping in for no less a singer than Angela Gheorghiu after the first act in Puccini’s Tosca. It was a huge success that really fired up her career. The singer with such a suitably musical first name is carefully developing her repertoire; and now she is also heading in the direction of Wagner. In a short period of time, she has added – or rather, conquered – numerous new roles. Long gone are the days when the young girl stood up before the congregation to sing. Now, she is worshipped by the audiences at the great opera-houses. Melody Moore’s voice is more than just a promise for the future, as the critics point out: “She has a lyrical voice with pronounced dark overtones. Besides, she has the typical ‘kapow!’ of the spinto soprano. Her extraordinary abilities can best be described by mentioning the names of Renata Tebaldi and Gabrielle Tucci.” A truly powerful artistic prognosis, which Melody Moore is only too happy to confirm on stage as well as in the recording studio.


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